Fredericksburg Food Tours

Welcome to Fredericksburg Food Tours, your source for Culinary Tours and events throughout historic Fredericksburg, Virginia. Located just minutes from the Washington DC area, Fredericksburg boasts colonial buildings, stately manors, and a well-preserved old town. Throughout the area you can find a variety of local establishments, including restaurants, pubs, markets, and other shops.

This summer, Food Tour Corporation is proud to offer several culinary tours in and around Fredericksburg throughout the week at a variety of prices.

Our Tasting Tours will give you a sample of the restaurant scene by offering a series of bites and tastes at a reasonable price.

The Fredericksburg food tour is an afternoon experience that offers a more in-depth look at the culture and cuisine of the area.

Rather than tasting samples of food you receive specially created dishes and drinks that help tell the story of both the cuisine and the chefs in some areas best restaurants.

Our Dine Arounds bring together all the great elements of our Tasting Tours and Food Tours, but are fully customizable, and work great with groups of nearly any size. Dine Arounds can incorporate beer or wine pairings into the experience and can run in the evening.

If you have any questions, please email us at or call us at 202-683-8847.


We would love to introduce you to what we do and what we love - Food Tours. A Food Tour is a combination of an area's history, history, architecture and culture brought together with food and drink from great local establishments.

During a Food Tour, you meet chefs, brew masters, proprietors, farmers, and bakers and learn how their story enhances the history of the area. On a Food Tour, you will try classic dishes and drinks, or enjoy special combinations that may not be found on the menu. Food Tours can be walking or transportation based, within a city or throuhgout a region, depending on their length, start time, and price point.